Jeroen Hanselman

I am a postdoc working at the TU Kaiserslautern in the Algebra, Geometry and Computer Algebra group. I got my PhD in 2020 at the Univeristy of Ulm under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jeroen Sijsling. Before that I studied at the university of Utrecht and wrote my Master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gunther Cornelissen.

As part of the MaRDI-project I am responsible for developing protocols and a kind of quality control for mathematical publications that contain software parts.

I will also help out developing with the arithmetical geometry side of Oscar.



My research has been in the area of computational arithmetic geometry I am mostly interested in studying curves and surfaces over number fields, covers of curves, families of curves, abelian varieties and developing algorithms to help us study these subjects.


  • J. Hanselman, S. Schiavone, J. Sijsling: Gluing curves of genus 1 and 2 along their 2-torsion, Mathematics of Computation, 2020, arxiv:2005.03587
  • S. Chan, J. Hanselman, W. Li: Ranks, 2-Selmer groups, and Tamagawa numbers of elliptic curves with \(\mathbb{Z}/2\mathbb{Z}\times \mathbb{Z}/8\mathbb{Z}\)-torsion, ANTS XIII, 2019, arxiv:1805.10709


It is important for the future of mathematics that results published in papers are verifiable. The peer-reviewing process of publications is a key component in ensuring that this happens. Unfortunately, if the publication contains a software component this often gets overlooked. The programming code is either not available online, outdated, dependant on code that doesn't exist anymore or not reproducible for any number of reasons.

My role in the MaRDI project is to combat this problem and set up a technical peer reviewing process that produces a report card that evaluates the software component of the code on a number of criteria such as for example:

  • How essential is the code for the results obtained in the paper?
  • Is the code or the computed data available online somewhere?
  • Does the code come with documentation?
  • Is the code readable? (Naming of variables, proper indentation, annotation, etc.)
  • Is it clearly listed how to reproduce the results? (Dependancy on other packages, which version used, computer specs, which OS, etc. listed)
  • Are there example files provided that produce the results obtained by the paper?